Cooperative Education Program

Cooperative education and internship programs offer students the opportunity to gain on-the-job training in many areas of business, industry, and federal, or state government. Through these programs, a student can gain college credit and work experience, and establish a relationship with an employer that can lead to permanent employment after graduation. Salary earned may cover most if not all of the cost for a student's last two years of college.

Lincoln University, through the Cooperative Education Program (CEP 299), offers credit for internship. A student may obtain a maximum of 6 hours credit per semester and 3 hours credit per summer session, not to exceed a total of 15 hours credit. All credit will be granted below the 300 level and will be elective credit unless otherwise approved by the chief academic officer.

A student selected to participate in the program must:

  1. Have completed the sophomore year;
  2. Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0;
  3. Be recommended by his/her advisor and/or department head; and
  4. Receive the approval of the Director of the Cooperative Education Program.

Fees for this program will be paid at the regular semester hour rate. The student should contact the Division of Continuing Education, Lorenzo Greene Hall, 900 Leslie Boulevard, Suite C for further information, telephone: (573) 681-5206.

View the Cooperative Education Policy in pdf form.