Adjunct Faculty Resources - Rosters/Grading

Adjunct faculty are given access to WebAdvisor through the Lincoln University website to view class rosters and enter grades. Once your employment application is complete, a request will be submitted setup your WebAdvisor account. The information below explains how to access your account, view your class roster, and enter grades.

For login and/or password assistance, please call the Lincoln University Helpdesk at (573) 681-5888 (24/7/365).

Financial Aid Attendance Verification REQUIRED -- Please remember that the Financial Aid Office will need to verify that a student has attended class before disbursing funds to that student.  Since this federal regulation applies to all students eligible for financial aid, please verify the attendance for all students during this week of classes in either the course management system, via the online Last Day of Attendance Form (you must be logged into the Blue Tiger Portal to access form), or notify the Financial Aid Office ( directly.  If you have any questions, please contact either the Office of Financial Aid or our office.  Thanks, as always, for your assistance and cooperation.

General Guidelines for Rosters and Entering Grades
Official final grades are to be entered as A, B, C, D, F, H (Audit), X or I.   Plus and minus +/-grades can be given as well.
If a student is attending class and not on the roster, please notify the Continuing Education Office at (573) 681-5206 or  He/she is not allowed back in class until the issue is resolved.  If you find a student on your roster and not attending class, please notify the Continuing Education Office at (573) 681-5206 or

  1. Go to the Lincoln University webpage,

  2. From the Quick Link menu on the main page, select “WebAdvisor

  3. Click on “Log In” and enter your username and password.   When you log in for the first time, you will be prompted to change your password. The “WebAdvisor Login Help” link in the Quick Link menu is for students only. 

  4. Password Reset: Be sure to go in and change your password once you gain access.  The software is very easy to use with links that are self explanatory.  Once your password is changed, please enroll it at  This will allow you to reset your password if you forget your password and need to get a new one. This link is also available through the LU website “Quick Links” drop down menu:  Passwords are automatically reset every 180 days.

  5. After successfully logging in, click on “Faculty”.

  6. Click on “Class Rosters” to verify your roster – Check your roster frequently as students’ enrollment status may change. Report any discrepancies immediately to the Continuing Education office at or (573) 681-5206.

  7. Use the drop down menu to select the correct term and click “Submit.” Do not enter a date range. If you do not have any classes listed, please contact me at (573) 681-5206 or


    Fort Leonard Wood:  Fall is 20XX FAW; Spring is 20XX SPW; and Summer is 20XX SUW

    Dual Credit:  Fall is 20XX FAC; Spring is 20XX SPC

    Professional Development:  Fall is 20XX FAC; Spring is 20XX SPC; and Summer is 20XXSUC

  8. If you are entering grades, at the WebAdvisor main menu, select “Grading,” first select the correct term, and then use the drop down menu at the top to select whether you are entering a final grade or an intermediate grade (midterm grade). 

    Eight Week Classes – No Midterm Grade (includes summer session)

    Sixteen Week Classes - Enter Midterm Grades

    If you are teaching more than one course, choose the course you need to grade by clicking on the appropriate box in the first column and “Submit” You can only select one course at a time.

  9. Enter grades in the grade column next to each student’s name.

  10. Print a copy of this page for your records.

  11. After entering all grades, click “Submit.” The grades will be saved and then click on “OK.”

  12. Help! If you have problems accessing your account, please feel free to call the Help Desk at 681-5888. 

NOTE: The “Submit” button functions much like a “save” button. If you see that it is taking you longer than 20 minutes to enter all of your grades, please submit what you have done and then reopen your grading rosters. WebAdvisor will time you out after 20 minutes and you will lose all work not saved “submitted”. You can open your grading rosters and submit grades as many times as you want until the Office of the Registrar seals and finalizes (verifies) all grades. At the time grades are verified by the Registrar's Office, the grades last submitted becomes the final grades and can only be changed through appropriate paperwork and administrative approvals.