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Ms. Yvonne Matthews, Interim Dean of the College of Agricultural and Natural Sciences
Ms. Yvonne Matthews 
Interim Dean, College of Agricultural and Natural Sciences

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Loretta Merriweather, Administrative Assistant
Telephone: (573) 681-5109
Fax: (573) 681-5520

Welcome to the College of Agricultural and Natural Sciences. This is an exciting time within the College. We have just completed a master plan to convert the 280 acre Alan T. Busby Farm to showcase integrated management systems for aquaculture, grazing management, power generation and water conservation. This will occur through outreach and extension programs, university classes and research. This farm is located 8 miles southwest of the university campus off Highway 54. Development of the fully functional system will occur in stages with the first stage of construction – a water reservoir.

Other highlights include: 1) The development of an algae research laboratory to study the use of native species of algae in biodiesel production, 2) A new state-of-the-art adaptive optics and nanophotonics laboratory, and 3) purchase of new equipment for science laboratories.

There are a total of seven majors located in the two academic departments below. Click a link to learn what it takes to earn a bachelor of science in these majors. The remaining links provide an overview of research and extension activities within the College. Please feel welcome to contact myself or one of the department heads if you have any questions regarding our programs.

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Cooperative Extension and Research
Cooperative Extension
Cooperative Research
Annual Reports
2013 Lincoln University of Missouri Combined Research & Extension Plan of Work (pdf)
2011 Lincoln University Combined Research and Extension Annual Report of Accomplishments and Results (pdf)

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