Undecided Majors


The Center for the First-Year Experience is responsible for advising undecided, non-degree-seeking and visiting students.


To provide academic advisement for students who have not declared a major or who are non-degree seeking students.

Philosophy of Academic advising:

The purpose of academic advising at Lincoln University is to assist the student to make critical judgments in planning educational goals.  This includes planning course schedules and insuring that general education and major/minor course requirements are met.  To this end, each advisor will assess individual student goals along with the University curriculum in order to give authoritative information concerning the courses and degree programs available.

The advisor's role is to make the student aware of the various options available, and the benefits that might be expected from each, in order to make an informed choice of courses.  The advisor will assist the student in achieving both breadth and depth in his/her educational program so that, in addition to specialized knowledge and skills in the chosen field, the student will also develop and awareness of and appreciation for the full range of human endeavors.  The academic advisor will refer the student to the appropriate individuals, offices or agencies for assistance when special problems of a non-academic nature arise.