Our Projects


Beyond the Front: An interactive Life Preservation Training Program

Lincoln University (LU) has developed a working relationship with the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) for five years and has been successful in securing grants in response to Broad Agency Announcements (BAA), beginning in 2005 with the initial grant award and subsequent grant renewals and continuing through 2010 that total $5.6 million. The purpose of this collaboration, under the direction of recipient program manager Dr. Abdoulaye Bah, is to develop a suicide prevention tools for the Army that can be used to train designated Army officials to be both effective and culturally sensitive in their approach to addressing suicidal ideation and behavior among enlisted Soldiers. The resulting product is Beyond the Front: An Interactive Life Preservation Training Program.

The completed program of Beyond the Front: An Interactive Life Preservation Training Program was used as a training source for the official Army suicide prevention stand down, which took place February 15-March 15, 2009. The BTF developed by Lincoln University in conjunction with ARL and WILL Interactive, Inc. has become an integral part of suicide prevention training in the Army for phase III sustainment. Currently, Dr. Bah and his colleagues, Ms. Linda Fatkin, M.A., Psy. Ms. Ché Wilson, M.A., and Dr. Antonio Holland are developing another suicide prevention awareness tool that will address not only the concerns of enlisted Soldiers and their families, but those of the National Guard and Army Reserve as well.

 Peer Advising System (PAS)

Peer Advising System

In addition to suicide prevention, a post traumatic stress disorder tool, Peer Advising System (PAS), has been developed that allows concerned individuals to answer a small number of questions that will, based upon information entered, provide a recommendation for follow up care from a mental health professional. This tool helps remove the stigma associated with seeking help for behavioral health issues as well as the fear that Soldiers have of reporting their mental health condition, for fear of adversely affecting their careers. Funding is currently being sought for a large scale evaluation of PAS.


Family Enrichment Program

The Institute's trauma specialist, Linda Fatkin, is currently leading our research on family violence. Based on the clinical and applied research conducted, she has identified Behavioral Indicators of Family Violence (BIFV) that predict domestic violence. These BIFV are incorporated into an automated program, called the Family Enrichment Tool. This program not only helps to identify intimate partners at risk of being victimized by or perpetrating violence, but also includes information and guided experiences that can lead to family enrichment.

Missouri Suicide Prevention Conference

The Suicide Prevention Institute is proud to have co-sponsored the Missouri Suicide Prevention Conference with the Missouri Department of Mental Health (DMH) for the past four years. In addition to providing this statewide training for interested professionals and consumers, the Institute and DMH share a passion for acquiring resources to help returning soldiers reenter their family, work environments and society in general.