The Auxiliary Services Department (AXSA) is comprised of units that specialize in providing the Lincoln University community with professional management and oversight of specific, high quality, low cost goods and services required by the students, faculty, staff and community for ease and convenience.   

Sylvia Wilson, Director of Auxiliary Services
819 Chestnut Street, 210A Scruggs
Jefferson City, MO  65102-0029
Phone: (573) 681-6102; FAX: (573) 681-5263
Office Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday-Friday
Summer Hours: 7:30 am-6:00 pm Monday-Thursday

  • Scruggs University Center (SUC) – is the living room for the campus community and plays an integral role in the educational mission of the University.  As an integral part of Lincoln University, the SUC provides learning experiences to a diverse population within a nurturing, student-centered environment.  It provides products, services, building a sense of community, and programs to enhance the quality of life of its students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests, with particular emphasis on students.

    The basement floor 'bleeds blue' and is host to student organization offices, which is managed by Student Activities (also housed in the SUC) -- and promotes school spirit and esprit de corps.  The first floor showcases the weekly featured student organization and offers student and campus services 24-hours a day. The second floor is for business and professional services, contains meeting space and houses the Auxiliary Services administrative office.

    The SUC fosters an environment that promotes respect for all peoples and values diversity, leadership, development, and the free exchange of ideas.  The SUC houses the student café, Faculty/Staff Club, bookstore, and bowling center.  It features a ballroom, several meeting rooms, the President's Room, recreation room, TV room and a 24-hour Lounge.  It is open Sunday-Saturday, for your enjoyment and Bruce Wright is your Operations Manager, (573) 681-5977.
  • LU Bowling Center– is located on the basement floor of the SUC and is open Mon-Fri, Saturday by appointment only, for your enjoyment.  We feature Cosmic Bowling with DJ and laser light show and bowling parties for birthdays, graduation or other special events.  We are open to the public.  Myron "Buz" Coon is your Bowling Center Manager, (573) 681-5272.


  • LU Licensing, Trademarks/Royalties – Ordering merchandise for your department to use as giveaways?  Looking for blazers, sweaters, or shirts, for the students, faculty or staff?  We have the complete list of authorized-licensed vendors who may legally use the University’s trademarks, word marks and logos to create almost everything you can think of.  Using licensed vendors brings much needed revenue to the university.  Contact Sylvia Wilson for more information, (573) 681- 6102.
  • LU Mailroom – Need stamps, boxes, envelopes, overnight delivery or how about, UPS or FedEx to pick up a package for you?  Our mail room is located in 115 Young Hall and can handle all your needs quickly and professionally.  Of course, they handle all your campus mailing needs, too.  Ben Faulconer is your Mailroom Supervisor, (573) 681-6104.  Mail Transmittal Form
  • Lucius C Jones Print Shop –Why pay extra for off-campus printing services when the LU Print Shop can handle all your duplicating needs?  We can do that and more for far less than the competition. The service is fast and the staff is courteous.  Give us a try and we’ll save you a ton of money.  Ellen Jarvis is your Print Shop Supervisor and is located in Schweich Hall, (573) 681-5795.
  • Robert & Charlene Miller Auditorium (FAC) & T.D. Pawley Theatre – Student & Faculty recitals, comedy shows, gospel programs, concerts, plays, and community events are performed in these fine venues.  Look for announcements about upcoming attractions.  Willie Beatty is located in the FAC and is your Facility Supervisor, (573) 681-5248.


  • LU Bookstore (powered by Neebo with Logo) – is located on the 1st floor of the SUC.  We feature all your classroom texts, accessories and materials – and the latest novels, LU t-shirts, caps, blankets, gift cards, etc. in your LU Bookstore. Faculty and staff get 10% discount on select merchandise.  Check out the weekly specials and sale items, too!  James Howard is your Bookstore Manager, (573) 681-5275. 
  • LU Campus Dining Services (Sodexo) – Delicious meals everyday of the week is what our premier food service operation has to offer.  Whether, it's breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, special event catering or just snacks for an afternoon meeting, our fine staff is ready to fulfill your needs.

    Ask about the Cinch Card any any of the following dining outlets – You can make it a cinch to buy products in our dining outlets.  Just put any amount of money on your Cinch Card and purchase anywhere we serve food.
    • The Faculty/Staff Dining Club (located in 208 SUC) is a proven hit with the LU Family featuring delectable varieties of exquisitely prepared entrées, side items, and desserts. Faculty/Staff meal cards can be purchased for 10 meals and the 11th is free!!!  And yes, we take credit and debit cards. Don’t miss out on Catfish Fridays!
    • Starbucks - You can buy gourmet coffees, fruit parfaits, yogurt, salads, sandwiches, breakfast breads and muffins at the Starbucks Coffee Shop (in Page Library)
    • "Simply to Go" - grab-n-go snacks located on the 1st floor of Young Hall.
  • Catering - Lincoln University is committed to making your event a success.  Our catering professionals are available to assist you with planning every aspect of your event.  Our Culinary team has designed a variety of menus to fit a wide range of tastes and budgets, including regional ingredients, university favorites and specialty items.  Should you desire a customized menu for your event, we will be happy to meet with you to create a special menu for your specific needs.  Our goal is to provide you with the freshest selections of food items, beautifully displayed, served professionally by our highly trained staff as we strive to exceed the expectations of every single guest.
  • This catering guide will guide you through the planning process for a catered event.  In the event that you require a customized menu for your event, we will be happy to meet with you to do so.  Contact us at 573-681-5270, or email us at or visit our web site:  Dining Services is located in B10 of the SUC, (573) 681-5267.
  • LU Snack Vending – You can find nationally-branded fresh candies, chips, pastries and healthy snack options in a variety of sizes – and reasonably priced in vending machines all around campus.  However, if you lose your money or get some product that isn’t quite what you expect, just visit room 210 Scruggs University Center – your money will be cheerfully refunded.  Contact Kathy Narens for more information, (573) 681-6102.
  • LU Beverage Vending – Cold drinks from juices to water and iced tea to sodas (pop) in thirsty sizes can be found in our vending machines, too.  However, if you lose your money or get some product that isn’t quite what you expect, just visit room 210 Scruggs University Center – your money will be cheerfully refunded.  Contact Kathy Narens for more information, (573) 681-6102.
  • LU Campus Student Laundry – Conveniently located washers & dryers are located for student use in most residence halls.  Problems with equipment?  Call 1-800-227-2418 or contact Sylvia Wilson for more information, (573) 681-6102. Look for "Free Laundry" day offered each semester to residential students.
  • LU Student Copier Service  – Need a quick copy?  Visit one of seven copiers and make all you want for a minimal fee.  Copiers are located in Page Library, Founders' Hall, 4th Floor MLK, and Damel Hall.  Contact Sylvia Wilson for more information, (573) 681-6102.

AXSA also assists with the development of Requests for Proposals (RFP) to provide contractual vendor services for Lincoln University.