Homecoming 2013

Vendor Information and Guidelines

Food Vendors:

  • Vendors planning to sell food are required to attach a menu or listing of food items intended to be prepared/sold.
  • Vendors must adhere to the Temporary Food Stand Guidelines provided by the Cole County Health Department. 
  • The Cole County Health Department will be on site for vendor inspections.
  •  Proper insurance and permits are required to sell food. 

Clothing and other vendors:

All vendors that sell any type of paraphernalia bearing Lincoln University's name, likeness, image, logo, shield or seal, must be licensed through the official University trademark and licensing company -- Licensing Resource Group (LRG). 

Vendors may obtain a license to sell Lincoln University paraphernalia by contacting:
Licensing Resource Group
Joe Sheeley
Regional Brand Manager
Licensing Resource Group, LLC
 319-351-1776 ext. 2
email: joe@lrgusa.com
Vendors must be officially licensed before October 4, 2013. Please be advised that University and LRG representatives will be on site during Homecoming festivities to monitor activities and to protect the University's interests.

Thank you in advance for compliance with this requirement.


Vendor Application

Vendor Application Link

Vendors must be officially licensed before October 4, 2013.