Hello Lincolnites and welcome back to the Office of Alumni Affairs' (OAA) webpage!   

The OAA exists to serve as a resource for you and to keep you connected with the university. I am excited about the opportunity to engage and connect with my fellow alumni as we work toward continuing the legacy of our great alma mater and building the Alumni Association. I believe my role is to serve as a broker of talent, ideas and opportunities as I regularly keep you up-to-date with the discoveries, ideas and stories that originate from this University.

When I think of LU, two thoughts first come to mind – 1) Our alma mater is a place that does so much good and advances so many causes; and, 2) We, Lincolnites, have gone on to distinguish ourselves in business, education, medicine, politics, clergy and many other fields; and, are taking leadership roles in our respective areas of expertise.

Lincolnites are increasingly saying that we value our degrees, and that we value the ideals of our great University. We are willing to support its mission and invest in it in very tangible and meaningful ways. We will protect our legacy and help grow the reputation of our alma mater as alumni to go on building and refining what is recognized worldwide as a successful modern institution.

I plan to continue strengthening the bond between the University and the alumni; to create programs that match the interests and needs of alumni; to increase giving and participation, and to assist in developing a culture that teaches younger alumni to give back. Our alma mater needs our continued support and through our giving, we can continue the legacy created within these hallowed halls and ‘on the Quad'.

If you have not been on campus recently, I invite you to come back for a visit – not just during Homecoming. Visit for Opening Convocation, Founders' Day, Alumni Weekend, the President's Gala, LU Quarterback Club Casino Night, Graduation or just stop by to say ‘hello!'

Again, thank you for taking a few moments to check back in with us!


Sylvia L. J. Wilson (LU '83), Director 
Office of Alumni Affairs
Office: 573-681-6107; fax: 573-681-5892
Email: wilsons@lincolnu.edu