Meet the Faculty

Samson Tesfaye, Ph.D.
Professor GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing and Environmental Geology
Department of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
Lincoln University
104 Foster Hall
820 Chestnut Street
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
Phone: (573) 681-5586


  • Ph.D., Geology, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
  • M.Sc., Remote Sensing/Geology, University of Dundee, Scotland
  • Dip. Sc., Digital Mapping and Remote Sensing, University of Dundee, Scotland
  • B.Sc., Geology, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

Research Focus

  • Applications of Geospatial Information Science in environmental studies
  • Extensional tectonics of the Afar rift, East African Rift System


  • Wenz, J.Z., Appold, M.S., Shelton, K.L., Tesfaye, S., 2011. Geochemistry of Mississippi Valley-Type Mineralizing Fluids of the Ozark Plateau: A Regional Synthesis, American Journal of Science (accepted).
  • Tesfaye, S., Rowan, M.G., Mueller, K., Trudgill, B.D., Harding, D., 2008. Relay and accommodation zones in Dobe and Hanle grabens, central Afar, Ethiopia and Djibouti (Journal of the Geological Society, London, 165, 535-547).
  • Tesfaye, S., 2005. Fault population investigation in the Dobe and Guma grabens, Central Afar, Ethiopia, (Journal of African Earth Sciences, 41, 437-444).
  • Tesfaye, S., Harding, D.J., Kusky, T., 2003. Early Continental Breakup Boundary and Migration of the Afar Triple Junction, Ethiopia (Geological Society of America Bulletin, 115, 1053-106) 
  • Ebinger, C.J., Yemane, T., Harding, D.J., Tesfaye, S., Kelley, S., Rex, D.C., 2000. Rift deflection, migration and propagation: Linkage of the Ethiopian and Eastern Rifts, Africa (Geological Society of America Bulletin, 112, 163-176).