Meet the Faculty

Dr. Charlotte Clifford-RathertCharlotte Clifford-Rathert, DVM
Assistant Professor/State Small Ruminant Specialist
Cooperative Extension and Research
College of Agricultural and Natural Sciences
Lincoln University
820 Chestnut Street
107 Allen Hall
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Phone: (573) 681-5169



  • DVM from University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine
  • B.S. from University of Nevada - Reno

Research Focus

  • Embroyonic and Fetal Loss in Goats
  • Vegetation Control Using Goats
  • Goat Genome


Charlotte Clifford-Rathert is an Assistant Professor in the College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences, Cooperative Extension and Research. She serves as the State Small Ruminant Specialist.  Her focus involves studying embryonic and fetal losses in goats, vegetation control using goats and sheep and small ruminant management.  Currently her projects are funded by USDA and NRCS.    She also contributes to the eXtension Goat Industry Community of Practice leadership Committee.  Her goals are to help promote and maintain a market for today’s goat and sheep producers; and provide educational answers to health questions that goat and sheep producers may have.    She is a contributor to the eXtension Goat Community of Practice (

She received her Bachelor of Science, in Animal Science from the University of Nevada, Reno in 1981.   She worked in various fields of Agriculture such as small ruminant management, extension, and research before pursuing a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Missouri, Columbia in 1992. She practiced in a mixed animal practice in Central Missouri until joining Lincoln University in November 2007.

Projects and Development

  • "Evaluating the Performance and Grazing Behavior of Meat Goats in the Development of a Field Station in Missouri Woodlands”: NIFA-Capacity Building Grant September 2011-2014; $287,468.
  • “Expanding Agricultural Production Opportunities & Controlling Invasive Species Utilizing Small Ruminant Grazing Applicant” USDA / NRCS   September 2011-2013; $70,000.
  • “Small Ruminant Biological Control of Amur Honeysuckle and Common Buckthorn: Is it a Viable Option?” Allen Casey1, Charlotte A. Clifford-Rathert2, Michael Schulte2, Luke Wilbers2, Cody Cave2, James Caldwell2, Ron Cordsiemon1, Jerry Kaiser1, Nick Adams1, Mark Kennedy3, and John Turner3.1/ USDA, NRCS Plant Materials Center, Elsberry, MO 63343, (573) 898-2012; 2/ Lincoln University, Cooperative Extension and Research, Jefferson City, MO. 3/USDA, NRCS, Missouri State Office, Columbia, MO. Abstract 2011.
  • "Integrins involved in placental dysfunction": NIH EARDA Program 2010 
  • "Empowering Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers in Missouri with Sustainable Agriculture Techniques and Appropriate USDA Programs": 2501 grant 2009-2011.
  • “Embryonic and Fetal Losses in Goats”; C. Clifford-Rathert, DVM; Aimee Wurst, PhD. Evans-Allen Research Project Fall 2009-2011.
  • “Goat Diseases and Farm Herd-Health Safety”; C. Clifford-Rathert, DVM. 2008, 2011 (re-printed)   Publication sponsored by MATCH Project/ W.F. Kellogg Foundation.
  • “Inclusion 10% Crude Glycerol in the Diet of Growing-Finishing Boer Goats”; Cave, C.K1; C. Clifford-Rathert1; A.N.Stewart1; B.R. College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences, Lincoln University, Jefferson City, MO .  Weigand2; K.S Roberts2; M.S. Kerley2 2University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, MO; 2008 (unpublished).
  • “Excitement in an Asian Elephant after Intravenous Atropine Administration”; M.E. Gross, DVM, MS; Charlotte A. Clifford, DVM; Douglas A. Hardy, DVM. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association Vol. 205, No. 10, 1994, Pg. 1437-1438.