Department of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences title

Professor: Omara-Alwala
Assistant Professors: HicksWetzel

Minor in Aquaculture

Lincoln University offers aquacultural opportunities for students not available at any other university in Missouri.  The research program allows students to become knowledgeable in scientific areas and gain experience in brood stock handling and development; larval, fingerling and finished fish management and development; indoor system management, pond management and laboratory techniques and training.  Research classes allow students to work on student initiative research projects under faculty guidance for credit.  These projects can lead into presentations at scientific meetings and possible manuscripts in scientific peer review journals.



The aquaculture program offers courses leading to a minor under Department of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.  Its objective is to train students for graduate, professional and technical supporting positions in aquaculture and fisheries oriented occupations.  Those with majors in agricultural, environmental and biological sciences, business, and journalism are encouraged to consider an aquaculture minor. The program offers small class sizes and hands-on student learning.  


Required Courses: 

 A minimum grade of “C” in ABU 320, AGR 360A, AGR 361A, AGR 362A, AGR 363A and AGR 421A.