Department of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences title

 Department of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences



The mission of the Department of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences is to provide educational opportunities for students from various backgrounds to be successful in a complex, technologically advanced and diverse society. The program is dedicated to teaching the principles and concepts of agriculture, agribusiness and environmental sciences and their applications to our natural and social environment. It provides students with opportunities that prepare them for employment, professional advancement and graduate studies.  The program accomplishes its goals through small classes and individual attention in a nurturing educational environment.

Degrees Offered


Minors Offered

  • Agriculture

  • Agribusiness

  • Aquaculture

  • Biotechnology

  • Environmental Science

  • Geospatial Information Science

  • Wildlife Management


Pre-Professional Training

  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine


Computer Science Requirement

Upon completion of the Agriculture degree program at Lincoln University, the student will have gained a basic understanding of computers and various software programs.  Students will have the opportunity to gain the necessary computer knowledge and skills by taking CS 103 or GIS 316.  Students will also have the opportunity to develop computer skills in other departmental courses.

Course Descriptions 
Lincoln University Undergraduate Student Bulletin 2011 - 2013


Professors: Chi, Chowdhury, Eivazi,
Meredith, Omara-Alwala, Paul, Swartz, Wollo

Associate Professor: Ajuzie, Johnson, NkongoloTesfaye, Yang
Assistant Professors: Andrei, Clifford-Rathert, Egilla, El-Dweik, Gu, Hicks, Ikem, Wetzel, Wulff

107 Foster Hall
(573) 681-5967