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Admission Requirements

All applicants must have:

  1. Earned a high school diploma with a minimum "C" average (typically a 2.00 or greater GPA) or completed state requirements for a GED.
  2. Met the Missouri Core Curriculum Requirements
    • Electives (3 units)
      (2 units of foreign language are strongly encouraged
    • English (4 units)
      (Two of which must emphasize composition or writing; one unit may be speech or debate)
    • Math (3 units)
      (High school level Algebra and beyond, including Algebra II)
    • Social Studies (3 units)
      (Includes American History and at least one semester of Government)
    • Science (3 units)
      (One of which must be a laboratory based course)
    • Fine Arts (1 unit)
  3. Submitted results from either the ACT or the SAT examination.  Scores should be sent directly to Lincoln University. 

Admissions decisions cannot be made without receipt of all required admissions materials.

Homeschooled Applicants

Homeschooled students are encouraged to apply for admission to Lincoln.  Admission will be will be evaluated based on submission of a transcript that lists the courses taken and grades earned as well as official ACT or SAT test results.  The transcript must be submitted with the parent's (or a Homeschool administrator's) notarized signature.