Career Services Information

Our Mission

LU Career Services will support the mission, academic and experiential programs, and advancement of the institution to promote student learning and student development.  The primary purpose of Career Services is to assist students, alumni, and the local community in developing, and or implementing career, education, and employment decisions and plans.

Our Services

Career Exploration

Expose students to the job market, trends in employment and workplace expectations

Career Decision Making

Assist students in the relities of career goal settings based on chosen major or meta major

Preparation for Internship

Prepare students to be exposed to the world of work through exposure to appropriate workplace settings

International Studies Opportunities

Connect students to study abroad opportunities

Job Search Preparation

Refine resumes, cover letters and other accepted documentation for a job search

Credential Management

Maintain letters of reference, recommendation and other supporting documentation 

Graduate School Advisement

Viability, availability and appropriate choice

Tracking Employment Status of Graduates

Determine what majors result in jobs, build an alumni pool of potential supporters for other students

Update, Maintain and Develop Relationships Beneficial to Our Students for Employment and Internship Opportunities

Provide visibility for current and potential employment opportunities geared toward students and graduates

Cultivate a meaningful system that is easy to use